Veterinary Services

Blackwater Veterinary Services provides healthcare for a variety of animal species in central NH.


Routine appointments are scheduled during the following hours:

Monday and Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Tuesday thru Thursday 7:30a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday on call for emergency services

Clients and their animals can be seen at the office or at home depending upon what needs to be done on a particular visit.

Blackwater Veterinary Services also provides a “drop off” service option to clients that may need to leave their animals for the day to have medical procedures or vaccines done rather than a designated appointment time.

Our Services

Emergency Services
The Blackwater Veterinary Services veterinarians rotate emergency coverage after hours and on the weekends. Clients should call the hospital number and the answering service will page the veterinarian on call. Phone calls are typically returned within 10-20 minutes of receiving a page, but if transmission is poor or if the veterinarian is occupied by another emergency, there may be a longer delay. Clients are encouraged to call again if this should occur.

During the weekdays, emergency appointment times are scheduled into the small and large animal schedules to allow for prompt care of unexpectedly ill animals.

Diagnostic Laboratory Services
Blackwater Veterinary Services has an in-house laboratory. Tests performed routinely include complete blood counts and chemistry, urinalysis, fecal exams, heartworm tests, and FeLV and FIV tests. Many “lumps” are evaluated by cytology and IgG tests for camelid crias, and canine progesterone tests are performed on site while other test samples can be sent out to regional labs such as Idexx, Cornell, and NH Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory when indicated.

An ultrasound machine with two different sized probes allows for evaluation of large and small animal patients. The ultrasound can be used to diagnose soft tissue injuries as well as identify abdominal masses and pregnancies in various species.

Digital X-ray equipment was installed for both large and small animal patients in June 2013. This technology has allowed for more diagnostic radiographs to be taken both at the office and in the field.


Companion Therapy Laser
After an intense 4 weeks in March and April trialing a therapeutic laser, BVS opted to purchase one.

The Class IV laser provides therapeutic energy to deep tissues to reduce pain and inflammation while promoting healing.  The laser therapy has helped a number of patients already, both large and small.

The portability of the machine has made it very convenient to use on a number of our equine patients at their homes while we are able to move it in and out of exam rooms to work on dogs and cats at the office.

Equine Services
The preventative healthcare services provided to equine patients include annual exams, appropriate vaccinations, indicated dentistry and nutritional and geriatric care consultations.

When injuries occur, mobile ultrasound and radiographic equipment are available to diagnose problems. Joint and nerve blocks are frequently performed to isolate sources of injuries during lameness and pre-purchase exams.

Unfortunately, colic does occur in horses. The BVS veterinarians can treat them on the farm or stabilize the horses for transport to a referral facility.

Lacerations, mass removals, and routine geldings can be performed at BVS or at the farm depending upon the size of the animal and the client’s preference.

Small Animal Services

Preventative medicine is emphasized by the BVS staff to help patients and their caregivers enjoy a good quality of life.

Annual appointments provide an opportunity to discuss health and behavior concerns while the pet’s health is assessed by the veterinarian. Questions are always welcomed and concerns such as vaccination protocols, age related health problems, breeding and nutritional recommendations can be discussed readily.

Surgical, medical and dental care are provided at BVS during the week. When a pet needs specialty care, BVS veterinarians will consult or refer patients to an appropriate referral hospital.

Livestock Services
Preventative health care services for a variety of livestock include herd health exams, appropriate vaccinations, nutritional recommendations and fecal exams. All of these components as well as medical, surgical, and emergency care are provided by the staff veterinarians.  Examinations and consultations can be done on the farm or at BVS.

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Animals We Care For:

  • dogs
  • cats
  • horses
  • cattle
  • goats
  • sheep
  • bison
  • alpacas
  • llamas
  • guinea pigs
  • pigs
  • house pigs
  • rabbits
  • chicken
  • ducks
  • geese
  • some caged birds
  • and the occasional camel...
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